Project Lead


This position is based in Orlando and will be responsible for ensuring all aspects of assigned projects from client communication to production are done accurately and timely. The Project Lead will be assigned various projects, including but not limited to, wood and steel window and door restoration. This person will be responsible for all aspects of projects assigned to them and will coordinate with the Chief Operating Officer (COO). 

This position may require overnight travel for up to two (2) weeks at a time depending on site work needs for specific projects.



Physical Requirements: This position requires incumbents to routinely stand for up to 10 hours a day and for long periods of time, stoop or crouch, lift up to 80 lbs at a time, endure hot and cold temperatures while working, work outside, work while wearing cumbersome protective equipment, walk, perform repetitive hand and arm motions, be able to see near and far distances, respond quickly to sounds, and climb ladders and raised platforms while carrying materials or equipment. There may be days where this position will require wearing a respirator for up to 10 hours a day due to being exposed to lead paint with historic windows.


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