Wood Window Restoration

    If you want your old windows or doors to work and look like new this is the service for you. We remove the sashes back to our shop where they are completely stripped down. The glass and hardware are removed and cleaned while any damage to the sash is repaired. The wood sashes then undergo our proprietary pre-treatment and priming before the glass is reinstalled and finish glazed with our world famous putty before being hand painted with 2 coats of commercial grade enamel paint in your choice of color.

    Before the sashes are reinstalled the jambs are scraped clean of old paint and, primed, painted and re-roped with Sampson rope (the finest sash cord) while the mechanicals are tuned to assure smooth operation. See the picture at the bottom of page to see just how incredible to difference is!

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A simpler and less expensive option for wood windows that are still in decent shape. The sashes are cut free of any built up paint to encourage better operation. Any loose or missing putty is replaced with new putty and the window is lightly scuff sanded to remove any loose paint before being spot primed and repainted.

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Tune Up

A budget friendly approach to simply keep your windows maintained. Loose or missing putty is replaced with new putty and the window gets a fresh coat of paint on the exterior.

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Indow Windows

If you’re concerned about drafty old windows and the replacement window companies are doing their best to convince you to get rid of your original windows you need to talk to us about Indow Windows. These unobtrusive interior storm windows are nearly invisible, cost about 1/2 the price of new windows and stop virtually all drafts, condensation and noise. Big comfort, small price!

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Historic Replica

Are your windows or doors too far gone to save? It’s rarely the case, but it can happen and we can help. Maybe you have a few windows that were replaced with cheap aluminum or vinyl replacements. Austin can build new “old” windows and doors made with traditional mortise and tenon joinery from the finest wood available today, Accoya. Accoya is a sustainably grown wood that is treated in a way that it is virtually rot and termite proof. You can read more here. Our craftsmen are so good you’ll swear our windows and doors were originals!

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Screens & Screen Doors

Once your windows are working again you’ll want to enjoy the fresh air without the bugs and there is no better way to complement your restored windows than with historic wood screens. We custom make each screen to fit your house and they can be any design you want. With mortise and tenon joinery, painted to your specifications and covered with your choice of  fiberglass, aluminum or traditional bronze screening you get a lifetime warranty on your new historic screens.

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Steel Window Restoration

Mid-century homes deserve restoration too and we can bring your old steel casement windows back to life. Our process involves removing all the built up paint and rust from the surface before treating the metal with a rust inhibitor and priming with a heavy metal primer. The glass is cleaned and fresh glazing putty is installed. And to finish it off everything gets 2 coats of high quality oil-based paint.

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A la Carte Services

Bronze Weatherstripping – Starting at $50

Historic Screen Doors – Starting at $350

Historic Window Screens – Starting at $175

Wood Storm Windows – Starting at $225

Re-roping – Starting at $25

Hardware Restoration – Starting at $25

Antique Glass Replacement – Starting at $15

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