Masonry Restoration

Old brick and stonework need care and maintenance to weather the decades too and we can provide just what they need. If repaired with modern portland cement relatively soft historic bricks can be irreparably damaged by unknowing masons. We use only historic lime mortars and natural cements to stabilize brick structures and repoint the masonry allowing the structure to breathe and extend its life for another hundred years.
We also offer gentle restorative cleaning of old masonry to revive the appearance of aging masonry along with a unique proprietary technique to replace individual masonry units without disturbing the surrounding units.

Services Offered:

Lime Mortar Repointing

  • Remove damaged mortar
  • Repoint with breathable lime mortar
  • Match any color or texture

Brick Replacement

  • Surgically replace or turn damaged bricks
  • Installed salvaged historic brick to match
  • Replicate original masonry features

Cleaning & Restoration

  • Gently clean and restore masonry
  • No harsh chemicals or power washing

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