Anyone can paint a historic building, but painting it right with coatings that were designed for the old wood or masonry is a different story. We employee skilled artisans and can offer not only interior and exterior painting services, but mural and fresco restoration, old signage painting and more to make historic buildings really shine again.
The paint job is in the prep and we take the time to do the proper preparation of the surface to make sure our paint jobs last longer than the rest. We also use the finest paints and coatings to ensure trouble free service throughout their life.

Services Offered:

Exterior Painting

  • Low pressure wash & scrub of surfaces
  • Full or partial paint removal
  • Prime all bare surfaces
  • Paint with high quality 100% acrylic paints
  • Color match historic palettes

Interior Painting

  • Whole houses or simple touch-ups
  • Clean & repair surfaces
  • Prime to ensure a good bond
  • Paint with high quality acrylic or oil-based paints

Mural & Fresco Restoration

  • Recreate or restore existing
  • Match historical photograph

Old Signage

  • Recreate or restore existing
  • Creative design services

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