Plaster & Stucco

Traditional lime and gypsum plasters are synonymous with old houses and are a far superior product to today’s drywall. Don’t get stuck feeling you need to replace damaged or missing plaster with drywall. Our plaster and stucco restoration can repair cracked, sagging, missing or otherwise badly damaged plaster back to its original condition matching any texture.
If your plaster or stucco is missing or too far gone we can start anew to give your walls the appearance that was once there without having to settle for lifeless drywall.

Services Offered:

Plaster Repair

  • Reattach loose plaster/stucco to lath
  • Patch with compatible historic material
  • Skim coat wall to blend patch in seamlessly

Texture Matching

  • Match any texture plaster/stucco
  • Smooth, sanded, swirled, aggregate, etc.

Veneer Plaster

  • Great for missing walls or renovations
  • Install new blueboard or go directly over old surface
  • Coat walls with textured plaster to match original

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