Window Restoration

Whether they are steel or wood, window restoration is at the very core of preservation. We restore windows all over the United States and have yet to find a window that couldn’t be saved. Historic windows can be restored to work and look just as good as it did on the day they were installed.
Window restoration is the beautiful alternative to replacement. Contact us today for more information or fill out our Quick-Quote form to get your estimate within 48 hrs.

Services Offered:

Wood Window Restoration

  • Remove paint & putty from sash and jambs
  • Repair damaged wood
  • Restore wavy glass
  • Restore hardware & mechanicals
  • Glaze and paint by hand

Steel Window Restoration

  • Remove paint & putty from sash and jambs
  • Repair and straighten steel
  • Apply rust treatment and preventative
  • Restore hardware & mechanicals
  • Upgrade to thermal glass

Tune up

  • Starting at $100 per window
  • You choose only the services you want
  • Big improvements, small price

Historic Replication

  • Windows & doors built to match historic originals
  • Built from rot-resistant Accoya wood
  • Lifetime warranty

Screens & Storms

  • Built from rot-resistant Accoya wood
  • Screening options of bronze, aluminum or fiberglass
  • Low-E, impact, or standard glass options
  • Custom designs available


  • Remove paint and repair damaged wood
  • Restore hardware and mechanicals


  • Multiple options to make any window more efficient
  • Historic options available

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