Indow window inserts are a fantastic way to dramatically increase your comfort and decrease your energy bill. These award winning American-made inserts are so simple to add to any home, historic or new construction, and all grades come standard with these benefits.

Services Offered:


  • Great all around noise reduction (50%) and energy efficiency gains


  • Industry leading noise reduction of 70% with STC 42-45
  • Great for bedrooms to get the restful sleep you need


  • Blocks 90% of UV light and 50% of heat transfer
  • Great for windows that get lots of direct sunlight
  • UV blocking preserves wood floors and furnishings from fading


  • You still get the light you want but the privacy you need
  • Great for showers and bedrooms

Sleep Panel

  • Blocks 100% of light and 50% noise reduction
  • Great for night shift workers, light sleepers and media rooms
  • Most affordable option


  • Available in Standard or Acoustic versions it makes maintenance and cleaning simple
  • Great for hotels, bed & breakfasts, offices

Acoustic Blackout

  • The ultimate escape with 70% noise blocking and 100% light blocking
  • Great for dark rooms, media rooms or any place you need absolute peace and quiet


  • Blocks 98% of UV light with a clear tint-free appearance
  • Great to protect art work, furnishings, and clothing in your closet

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